We are all people that have delivered projects for years: solid, experienced and stand-fast. And on top of that, we deliver as a team.

We have grouped our expertise in 3 domains: 

We are an agency with unique, deep experience and capabilities, helping companies in all stages of (digital) transformations, other projects and initiatives. We play a distinct role – assessing/challenging and doing hands on work on both content (what is this about: solutioning, process, value to the business) and process (how do you do that: effectiveness of the project).

A clear focus for solid results

Our focus is on practical enterprise/program architecture enabling sustainable transformations: design, shape and drive transformation initiatives End-to-End. “End-to-end” includes the oversight, steering and monitoring of the realisation of the transformation, providing structural guidance to optimise value delivery to organisations.

Deep knowledge and experience, practically applied

Our expertise has been built up over decades delivering projects at clients while working at one of the biggest business & IT consulting firms in the world. We have acted in multiple industries, functional areas, roles, countries and project life cycles. Through that experience we know how to drive initiatives in general, and have deep knowledge in specific business domains, such as supply chain (e.g. logistics, replenishment), commerce (e.g. buying, assortment and space management) and operations and master data.

We bring this broad background to organisations delivering products and services for consumers, in the private and semi-public sector.

We are content people, bringing substance, structure and concrete results.

Enterprise architecture

The architecture/structure of an organisation consists out of its steering mechanisms, processes, information, systems and leading principles. We define, design, implement and safeguard these structures to lead projects and the standing organisation to ensure the organisation’s ambitions are met sustainably.

Sustainable transformation management

Focusing on the content side of transformation initiatives, we give practical, integral steer to these. We drive their effectiveness in sustainable value realisation during and as a result of the initiative – addressing business and technology solution, process and people dimensions.

Value & Quality assurance

Support the design of, secure and assess quality and value within an initiative on (contribution towards) objectives, approach, solutioning, means and team. Increasing certainty of the outcome, and harnessing investments in effort, attention, time and money.

Sharing our ideas


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