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For organisations to sustain and thrive, they need to stay relevant and add clear value by what they do – staying both financially sound and contributing to customers, employees, vendors and society at large. In today’s dynamic environment, organisations face many challenges that require thinking differently and undergoing sustainable transformation to ensure their enduring success.

We enable organisations to make that change: being relative outsiders, we can be or make dissenting voices heard that bring a different perspective, alternatives and real change and improvements. Finding and addressing the blind spots and weak points, making the uncomfortable matters discussable so that they can be resolved – with respect and based on a true human connection.

A fresh perspective with follow-through

While the expression in monetary benefits is the most commonly used, value comes in many shapes. Often in the creation of something new or something better, it can also be in the removal of waste. Waste in time, effort, material, human potential, etc. Value can therefore also lay in quality, knowledge, transparency, integrality, objectivity, vitality and many factors that shape a brighter future, next to quantity, price, effectiveness and efficiency. It is important to have a crystal clear value ambition for the organisation and its initiatives. This drives engagement and serves as the yardstick to measure success every step of the way.

Conscyo team outdoors Pieter den Hertog Katja van Beaumont Marc Rietra

Board room material - Space management vision

Conscyo helped us to clearly formulate our future vision of Integrated Space Management. Marc and Katja have extensive knowledge and experience in this area. On top of that they are thoughtful, customer-oriented and a good boardroom discussion partner.

Board of Directors, AS Watson Benelux

Value beyond the project

" I often think back to the 'Conscyo' moments: break through inhibiting thoughts by doing... it just works! In addition, your approach is special by putting the initial focus on behaviour. By specifically motivating, challenging and addressing this, a working mode is created that enables the team to be successful. The team spirit you create here retains its value beyond the project."

Marten Hulleman, Senior Information Analyst, PLUS Retail

Alignment on value and values

We always start with an open conversation with our (potential) clients, first properly assessing whether we are the right choice for each other – truly bring differentiating value –  before stepping into an engagement together. Our specific expertise in enterprise architecture, sustainable transformation management and our conscious consulting way of working are game changers in many cases, but not a fit for all.

We are committed and have what it takes to help your business succeed in a world in transition

While every situation and every client has its own dynamics, we do see many parallels. There are typical cycles and defining moments and that organisations and initiatives go through or face. We’ve identified four main ones, where we can make significant impact:

This categorisation allows us to bring in the right mix of our expertise in sustainable transformation management, enterprise architecture and value & quality and the fitting approach and tools at each stage. That way we drive value and reduce waste – in both the project itself, as well as in the long term outcome of it, and create stories worth telling!

Interested in seeing how you can increase value in your organisation or initiative?


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