Transforming business in a sustainable way

Conscyo is an ambitious consulting agency, convinced we can make a positive difference in your business

Conscyo stands for a different way of consulting – conscious consulting

We’ve embraced a model where we deliver sustainable value through our joint capabilities.

Value that ensures projects deliver on the promise and the aspiration they hold.

Value that is measured beyond a financial business case, addressing all stakeholders’ long term interests.


The architecture/structure of an organisation consists out of its steering mechanisms, processes, information, systems and leading principles. We define, design, implement and safeguard these structures to lead projects and the standing organisation to ensure the organisation’s ambitions are met sustainably.

Sustainable transformation

Focusing on the content side of transformation initiatives, we give practical, integral steer to these. We drive their effectiveness in sustainable value realisation during and as a result of the initiative – addressing business and technology solution, process and people dimensions.

Value & Quality

Support design, assurance and assessment of quality and value within an initiative on (contribution towards) objectives, approach, solutioning, means and team. Increasing certainty of the outcome, and harnessing investments in effort, attention, time and money.


Our unique approach and joint capabilities deliver a positive and lasting impact

Delivering sustainable value to our customers and partners is of great importance to us. That’s why in each initiative we look further than monetary value only: there is so much more to gain. E.g. increase professionality in organisations, open up human potential, drive eco-system relevance and remove all sorts of waste.

With decades of experience in business and IT consulting we know how to discover and realise this value. Bringing in our team’s different and complementary history, areas of expertise and personalities ensures that we look at each challenge from different angles – and deliver a solution that works and keeps on working. It is all integral part of the specific way of working we have adopted: conscious consulting”.


The ambitious advisory agency - eagerly driving change, honesty and relevance

Board room material - Space management vision

Conscyo helped us to clearly formulate our future vision of Integrated Space Management. Marc and Katja have extensive knowledge and experience in this area. On top of that they are thoughtful, customer-oriented and a good boardroom discussion partner.

Board of Directors, AS Watson Benelux

Value beyond the project

" I often think back to the 'Conscyo' moments: break through inhibiting thoughts by doing... it just works! In addition, your approach is special by putting the initial focus on behaviour. By specifically motivating, challenging and addressing this, a working mode is created that enables the team to be successful. The team spirit you create here retains its value beyond the project."

Marten Hulleman, Senior Information Analyst, PLUS Retail

Rich experience and knowledge

"Conscyo’s people have the talent to arrive at sharp insights and conclusions in a pleasant and constructive manner in a short time. In doing so, they know how to combine well-founded insights from their rich experience and knowledge on the one hand, with practical solutions that fit well with the organisation they are advising on the other. With this approach the team successfully helped us take a number of important follow-up steps in a project within the Bouwmaat organisation."

Jeroen de Haan, Manager Supply Chain Management & Technologie en Informatie – Bouwmaat



We have been working as a trusted team, combining perspectives to come to the best outcome for our clients


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