What inspires us

What inspires us

We look with curiosity to the world, and take our inspiration from many different things. When we wander physically or digitally, alone or with others, we bump into new topics or dive deeper on others. Ranging from science to crafts, conventions or mountain hikes, the daily news or a chat on the bus with a stranger (and many more). 

All of this allows us to stretch our minds and broaden our perspective. With that we find parallels and solutions for client challenges or life-hacks in odd places. Nature is a big source of inspiration to us as it always demonstrates the eternal balancing act as well as endless creative and interlinked solutions to thrive under all conditions – where we thoroughly realise that we are part of nature, in it, and not separate from it. 

On this page, we share some of the stuff that we find interesting/inspirational for all sorts of reasons. We’ll keep updating with what we encounter in our daily lives. May it bring something good to you, too!


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