Value & Quality Assurance

Value & Quality Assurance

What gets measured gets managed. Every transformation or change within an organisation starts with defining goals in terms of value and quality. Often these are not tracked consistently throughout a project, and therefore are not achieved at the levels in line with the ambition.

When time and budget are the main KPIs that are measured on a program, organisations are really selling themselves short. There is almost always more to achieve when keeping the main focus on the initial defined value- and quality outcome.

We simply cannot stand waste

As a team we have always put reaching the initial goals and limiting any form of waste (human energy, time, money,..) first. We do this by making value and quality explicit and tangible. Thoroughly assessing and scrutinizing all kinds of project elements (from setup, to deliverable and flow) on content and their contribution to the goals.

We are a group of people who come from a “content” background, having a deep understanding and knowledge of business processes, applications, data and architecture. And we have applied that in many complex projects and programs over the last 20+ years. We have also done project and program management, understanding those dynamics and politics. Familiar to the common project “reflex” to sacrifice quality to meet deadlines; we therefore also know what it takes to prevent that!


Getting to measurable results and great stories

Defining clear targets, and ensuring eyes are kept on the ball… We help focus efforts and address where things are off – and make sure the initiative stays (or gets back) on track to deliver on its promises and bring smiles all around.
Typical roles we fulfil (in combination) for this type of work:

We have been working as a trusted team, combining perspectives to come to the best outcome for our clients


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