Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture is the discipline that ensures a coherent and consistent design and development of the structure, processes, information, systems and guiding principles to best enable the ambition and operations of an organisation.

It is crucial in shaping and enabling the organisation’s strategies, as it maps out the dependencies and preconditions for successful change, creates a uniform understanding and forms the foundation for informed decisions. Architecture work generates clarity on “the current state of affairs”, the view on the future and the feasible steps to get there.

Our pragmatic take driving sustainable outcomes

Our team has done architecture work in diverse settings and at all architecture “layers” and which as taught us how to really use this discipline to bring value to an organisation.

We developed a clear and pragmatic take on Enterprise architecture, taking off any overly complex or theoretical associations. In our practices we take ownership and deliver concrete, sustainable implementations. We lay out how information, business and technology (should) flow together and drive successful (digital) transformation and projects based on this.

What we bring to your table

We are trained in and knowledgeable on diverse architecture standards, models, frameworks, techniques and artefacts. On top of that, working as a team brings the extensive practical project experience on integration, end-to-end perspective and outcomes and how to deliver these. Our approach is solid and result-driven, never mixing up the objective and the means. We keep the end in mind, stay true to principles and bring light along the way.

Under our enterprise architecture work, as a team, we have fulfilled (combinations of) roles such as:

We have been working as a trusted team, combining perspectives to come to the best outcome for our clients


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