Getting started – the why how and what of Conscyo

Starting our own business is a rollercoaster of celebrating successes, dealing with Murphy’s law (there is a world to be won in jumping through administrative hoops) and particularly telling the story of why, how and what in all sorts of contexts. And just because we have not had the chance to talk to all of you yet, but we know many of you are curious: here’s a little more on the that why, how and what.

Start with why – the drive for making a positive impact

The why is quite simple: On the personal front, we all felt that we want to leave a legacy, make a mark and make all of us proud – driving a conscious and sustainable business. On the content side: develop and stand for a new way to do advisory work around business transformation, enterprise architecture, business analysis and program management. Our very high quality standards, multifaceted objective view and really being the honest (and outspoken!) party that serves as the “conscience” to our customers.

Diverse perspectives to deliver real results

How we do that: we’ve embraced a model where we deliver value through our joint capabilities (like a sheep with 5 legs 😉) . Value that ensures projects actually deliver on the promise and the aspiration they hold. Value that is measured beyond a business case, addressing all stakeholders sustainably. We leverage our decades of experience at the intersection of business and IT, each with a different yet very complementary history, areas of expertise and personalities. This is where the magic happens: When we purposefully combine these elements we ensure that we look at each challenge from different angles. This may create some healthy friction but most of all sparks that ignite great results.

Each activity aimed at value – skilfully joint together

Then what do we do? We (are eager to) help customers in all stages of (digital) transformations – both assessing/challenging and doing hands on work on both content and process. From shaping the ambition and vision, generating or assessing the roadmap, business case, project charter and architecture outline. Then, when the project gets going, we drive value assurance: upholding the objectives and principles, providing guidance and making sure the project and people(!) track toward success.

Prove worth to clients

Currently engaged with a number of organisations (definitely celebrating those successes!), we get positive feedback (thank you!!) on how we add value by bringing the above into practice on their challenges – quality, content, follow through and making them think differently and showing them better ways.

Call out to you: if you feel this is what you, your colleagues, managers, friends are (or should be 😉) looking for, we would love to hear from you! We are eager to make your world a bit easier, better and brighter!

Let us know what you think! Happy to have a chat, call or meet in person over a cup of coffee, and we also welcome your constructive criticism!


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