Case: Data Architecture

Case: Data Architecture


A successful grocery retail organisation supporting over 500 stores and 7 DCs with great ambitions and plans, needed to setup a solid data architecture, as a foundation to the envisaged landscape transformation. Realising that their internal efforts did not bring the quality results they required, they enlisted the help of our team. 


Within a matter of months we did not only setup data models on conceptual and logical level, ready for data vault implementation, but we also enabled the client’s team to govern and drive the models forward in the future. Next to the concrete deliverables, also strengthening the capability, motivation and result-oriented mindset.

Feedback customer

Very much appreciated Conscyo’s approach to our project. We worked very pleasantly and purposefully to achieve the project result. We succeeded very well, within time and budget. One of the nice characteristics of their approach is to turn big challenges into small steps. With this, we overcame obstacles and often had the pleasure of realising what at first seemed difficult or unfeasible.

I often think back to the ‘Conscyo’ moments: break through inhibiting thoughts by doing. Turn thoughts into action and you see: usually it just works!

In addition, the approach is special by putting the initial focus on behaviour. By specifically motivating, challenging and addressing this, a working mode is created that enables the team to be successful. Great to experience this process. The team spirit they create here retains its value beyond the project. And this brings them very close to Conscyo’s values of sustainable value creation.



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