10 questions most posed to us in our first year start-up!

At the end of every calendar year, just before New Year, we often think about what the year brought to us. So we did the same for our first year in our start-up, remembering the many conversations we had.

Here’s the top 10 of questions people have asked us, and our answers – they might surprise you 😊.

10. Are you working more hours than before?

Not more/not less – we loved our work at Capgemini; within Conscyo the balance between customer and internal work is just different.

9. What makes working for your own start-up different?

Everything – the freedom, the responsibility, the size, the dependency on each other and last but not least the way we continue to shape the company around our personal values. Because Conscyo really is the sum of us, even the things that pop-up in our private lives more often than before spark a thought or idea that directly contributes to Conscyo

8. Why did you start your own company?

After 20+ years of passion for quality and content we felt that we needed to set a different tone in consultancy which is less monetary focused. We like to set an example and leave something behind for society.

7. Do you have customers?

Yes we do! We have the privilege to help some great companies get more and lasting value out of their proposition, company and people – and think we are pretty successful for a start-up.

6. Looking back, would you have started your company years earlier?

Difficult question; the experience we had gained before we started, is part of the reason we are doing well now. We all 3 agreed that we had to get some stuff sorted before the start, too. Having said that, we are learning, exploring and jointly dealing with surprises every day still – fortunately!

5. Don’t you miss being part of Capgemini?

Yes and no. Thanks to that part of our career we have experienced that the world is one big network of people that like to talk to you, help you and go through good and bad times with you. So moving out of that multinational opened at least as many doors as it closed. Great example is the accessibility to CxOs of companies. We feel we have more open and honest discussions with these CxOs due to the fact that we are a small, independent and honest company; not following a “land and expand” strategy seems to be a good thing – and not only for us!

4. Can you help us?

Well, now we finally get to a “consultancy answer”: it depends! We’re always open to a conversation to explore someone’s question, but will also tell them as part of that when we are not the answer to it. Making sure they get what they really need and we spend our efforts where they have the biggest positive impact. Everybody happy.

Drumrolls: we’re getting to the TOP 3!


3. What is it that you are focussing on?

We focus on making the world a better place, and doing that over the business content axis: bringing value to all stakeholders. To narrow it down a bit: our place in that is in the design and execution of transformative projects. Here we deliver enterprise architecture,  sustainable transformation management and value and quality assurance capabilities. Making sure that people can talk proudly about their work, no horror stories.

2. How do you pronounce your company name?

That’s an easy one: Conscyo is pronounced like poncho with a C. The first part is derived from conscious and conscience as we serve as a conscience to our clients, driving conscious decisions. The second bit depends on whom of us you ask. But ‘yo’, we are definitely not Conscio, Consio, Consyo, Cosio, Konsio, Conscia or anything like that.

1. How are you guys doing as a team?

Barely holding on… hahaha! No seriously: through this journey we’ve grown so much as individuals and as a team over the last year. We are stronger than ever together and are expanding in numbers, too! Part of our proposition is that we always take on the work as a team – at least 2 pairs of eyes, brains and personalities – to deliver better work. It also means that we get better and have more fun in the process – a virtuous cycle!

If you have a different question to us or want to have a chat:

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