We also enjoy a good podcast, when we’re on the move, doing chores or just relaxing. One that always leaves us with a smile and something to think about – or immediately put into practice - is “A bit of optimism” – where Simon Sinek (yes, the one from “Start with why”) has thought provoking conversations with all sorts of experts and leaders in their own field – ranging from military to science, arts, medicin

We know that people are evolutionary hardwired to take notice of bad stuff more than good stuff – essential to survival to be wary of dangers. These days it is easy to see only bad news as the media bombards us with it from all corners of the world – you have to numb or arm yourself to stay positive. Fortunately, there is a lot of good news, too – and sites like the good news network  help by spreading that and lifting moods. It’s a bit US

Is what we think is true really true? What biases skew our worldview and our daily business? The Gapminder foundation helps with facts and psychology, explaining and rebutting common misconceptions – regarding pretty important stuff that most people are wrong about. Supported by wonderful visualisations of all sorts of data they allow you to test and challenge your thoughts and as they call it “upgrade your worldview”. And find out that very many

Kate Raworth’s Doughnut economics - meeting the needs of all people (a social foundation) within the means (boundaries) of the living planet. What we like is both the visual simplicity of the model and the fact that it still makes you challenge EVERYTHING – as it really promotes different ways of thinking instead of a fixed set of rules. Apply it to the scale that is relevant and palatable for your case/cause: your perso


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