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About us
About Conscyo

Conscyo combines technology with humanity. We crack tough nuts, with a heart.

We are an advisory agency founded out of the eagerness for change, honesty and relevance for our customers, ourselves and society. Founded in one of the richest countries in the world we feel driven to assist companies to be more ambitious, to add more and broader value next to monetary value, to be more part of the future than of the past, to inspire generations and to feel excited when challenged on business and related IT decisions.  

Passionate about positive change

We have a significant amount of experience, built up over decades by working at one of the biggest Business/Technology consulting firms in the world. We have acted in multiple industries, functional areas, roles, countries and project life cycles. We are an ambitious consulting agency, convinced we can make a positive difference in (the way you run and support) your business.

We are ruled by integrity and humanity. We are honest and direct, with respect. We crack tough nuts, with a heart. We are firm believers in the larger perspective, knowing our place and our role to contribute. We combine technology with humanity, agility with a longer-term perspective than the next quarter. 


Bringing stories worth telling to life

We believe that the story of each project should always entail more than financial figures – a project should deliver “hard” results, yet importantly also a tale that can told proudly to your peers, friends and family on the impact it really had – and why we all got out of bed each morning to make that happen.

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We challenge the status quo, out of drive to change for the better, acknowledging what has been done before.

Nice to meet you

Our team

We are a team of different individuals, each bringing their own unique characteristics and traits. A shared set of values makes us what we are together: strong, diverse, complete, really good and pretty much invincible.

We are all intrinsically motivated to make a difference, not follow the flow, but fight that uphill battle where we need to, because we simply cannot stand waste: materials, energy, money, efforts, and human potential!

Staying true to each other

Our company is founded in friendship, and trust is the basis of the all of the relationships we have and develop. We inspire each other and our clients and peers, instilling a sense of possibility and a passion to create and develop. A great sense of responsibility combined with creativity allows us to do the right things for the right reasons.

Katja van Beaumont close-up

Katja van Beaumont

Advisor with a strong conscience, delivering transformational value to her customers. With an excellent eye for detail, combining substance with aspiration.

Marc Rietra close-up

Marc Rietra

Strategic advisor with a twist. Challenging, pragmatic, makes you (re)think and up your game. Driving action, acceleration and creating energy to get end-to-end results.

Pieter den Hertog

Pieter den Hertog

Strong Enterprise Architect focusing on making it work, holding the line and securing high quality. Solidly determined to ensure that real value gets delivered.

Fabienne Derks

Fabienne Derks

Eager conscious consultant striving for the best outcomes. Her contagious energy, optimism and no-nonsense attitude guarantee results are achieved with a smile.

We love change, growth and development.
Responsible, positive change – hard work and struggles, fun and challenging, becoming stronger every step of the way. Interested in meeting us? Reach out! We would love to get to know you!


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